Best Petrol Strimmer UK (Reviews) in 2021

Best Petrol Strimmer

You would be hard pressed to find a tool that would be better at keeping overgrown shrubs, weeds, and grass under control than a reliable grass trimmer, or strimmer. This is partly why most homeowners want to invest in a good one.

A strimmer is quite easy to maintain and use but there are a number of options available for purchase. Given so many options, it can be rather confusing when trying to select the best petrol strimmer. With that said, we have created not only a buying guide to steer you in the right direction, but also a list of the top strimmers on the market.

Product Comparison Table

Best Petrol Strimmers in the UK Reviews

#1. Trueshopping 43cc Petrol Trimmer

Trueshopping 43cc Petrol Trimmer

This trimmer is powerful, at 43cc and can be used for virtually any task. You can clear bushes or trim your lawn’s edges.

In addition, this trimmer is pretty easy and comfortable to use. It has a bike style handle bar and an ergonomic harness. It can be used in any condition, including rain and snow.

You get plenty of accessories with this trimmer including a trimmer shaft, protective guard, nylon cutter head, 5-piece tool kit, mixing bottle, 3-pronged metal blade, a combination spanner, and a harness. You’ll also get an instruction manual.


  • Easy assembly
  • Powerful enough to cut through just about anything


  • Instructions are a bit confusing
  • Heavy

#2. ParkerBrand 52cc

ParkerBrand 52cc

This ParkerBrand trimmer offers a 52cc two stroke engine and a split shaft design.

You get a few accessories with this trimmer including a harness, fuel mixing bottle, and tool kit. You also get a grass trimming spool attachment.

The strimmer is very easy to assemble, which is good because the instructions are not particularly helpful.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to start
  • Very powerful


  • Tool kit included is cheap
  • Confusing instructions

  • Heavy

#3. ParkerBrand 52cc 5-in-1 String

ParkerBrand 52cc 5-in-1 String

This strimmer is unique in that it offers versatile solution to performing a number of chores around your yard and garden.

Its design is modular and compact and still offers a good amount of power. Along with the trimmer, you’ll get a 105cm extension pole, fuel measuring bottle, tool kit, shoulder/belt strap. Blade guard, cutting wire and chopper. This is a very easy to assemble strimmer so you should have no trouble getting started.

There are a few apparent design flaws with this strimmer. One of these is that it isn’t possible to start it while you have it in the harness given the location of the drawstring.


  • Multi-use
  • Very well constructed
  • Good selection of attachments included


  • Can’t be started while in the harness

#4. Einhell GC-BC 25 AS Petrol

Einhell GC-BC 25 AS Petrol

This strimmer offers 27cc of power and a low-vibration two-stroke engine. The handle is adjustable for added comfort and precision.

The shaft is split to make for easier transport and storage. There is a three-tooth blade and a twin line pool with an automatic job system.

You’ll enjoy the quick start and auto choke along with the carrying strap that makes handling the tool easier. This is an easy to assemble strimmer but it does have a design flaw. There is a sleeve that surrounds the crank joint but that sleeve is made of plastic and tends to melt.


  • Pretty easy to assemble
  • Sturdy build


  • Unclear instructions with poor graphics
  • Crank joint sleeve melts

#5. Mcculloch TRIMMAC

Mcculloch TRIMMAC

This trimmer offers a curved shaft which is comfortable for many handlers. It means a lot less bending when getting into the right cutting position.

This trimmer is quite light, especially when compared to many other comparable models available. It weighs less than 3kgs which is significantly lighter than some others we reviewed here.

The only real drawback to this trimmer is that it isn’t intended for use with large projects. This is a good trimmer for at-home smaller lawn and garden care. In addition, it can be a bit noisy.


  • Easy assembly
  • Powerful


  • A bit noisy
  • Not ideal for large projects

Petrol Strimmers Buying Considerations

Given that there are so many options on the market, it makes sense to learn a bit more about petrol strimmers before making your final selection.

Grass Trimmer vs. Grass Strimmer

You might hear both of these terms and wonder what makes them difference. The short answer is nothing. The terms are used pretty interchangeably. A grass trimmer is the more common phrase used professionally while grass strimmer is the more colloquial phrasing.

Despite the different names, the performance, intended usages, and design are identical. Many of the more common manufacturers will even label their products as grass strimmer/trimmer to help avoid any confusion for their customers.

Features to Note

There are a few features to keep in mind when you are looking for your strimmer. They will vary depending on the model of the tool. You’ll want to just know what area you are looking to tend to as well as what features are most important to you when making your choice.

The features to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Kinds of hand grips
  • Kind of cutting head
  • Shaft length
  • Accessories included
  • Engine power
  • Overall functionality

Comfort & Usability

Some features relate directly to your comfort while using the tool. You want to make sure that whichever product you select is comfortable for you. This is, of course, subjective. What might be comfortable to you may not be comfortable to another consumer. Two main comfort features include the shaft and the handle.


One comfort feature to keep in mind is the length and adjustability of the shaft. If you choose a strimmer that has an adjustable shaft, make sure you extend it so that you don’t have to bend over a lot while using it. Even if you are relatively tall, you’ll likely find that the majority of grass strimmers currently available offer an enough extension that will still get you a comfortable length.

The shaft may also be curved, straight or split. This allows you to perform different kinds of maintenance, so you want to keep this in mind as well when you are making your choice. In general, a straight shaft is often less comfortable to use but will give you a lot of power.


A second comfort feature to keep in mind is an adjustable handle. This just makes it easier to hold and handle the strimmer. This might not be quite as important to you if you only ever plan on using your strimmer for short periods of time.

However, if you are planning on gripping the strimmer for long periods of time, you may want to purchase one that has an adjustable handle. Then you can find a comfortable spot for handling and holding it.


Petrol strimmers tend to have more power than some alternatively powered versions. Engines are measured in CC, so bear in mind that the CC will show you how much power you can expect to get from the strimmer.

You want to match the power of your strimmer to your particular needs. A good rule of thumb is that if you are trying to cut back very thick, long grass, you want an engine that is above 32cc. Less power would be just fine for maintenance that is less cumbersome.

Not everyone needs a very powerful strimmer. There is nothing wrong with one that gives you a bit less power if you are only looking to trim small areas. You also want to remember that along with extra power also often comes extra weight.


Petrol strimmers are usually heavier than those that run with electricity. This is largely due to the design of the engine and the overall durability of some features, such as the shaft and cutting blades. This is something to consider, especially if you intend on working for long periods of time. If that is the case, you will want to consider those comfort features we highlighted earlier.

In general, many manufacturers take this extra weight into account and try to design strimmers that are as lightweight as possible. With that said, you want to think about how much weight you can actually handle when trimming and choose your strimmer accordingly.

Final Word

Any one of the five trimmers we highlighted here could easily be considered the best petrol strimmer. With that in mind, choose your ideal model based on your particular needs including the size of your project and your ability to carry a heavier strimmer, given that these are all petrol models.

You also want to consider which features are most important to you when making your final determination.