Best Petrol Pressure Washer UK (Reviews) in 2021

Best Petrol Pressure Washer

The quality of pressure washers has increased dramatically in the last several years. They now have a high cleaning capacity and can remove grim, algae and dirt rather quickly and effectively.

The use of a pressure washer an allow you to clean and maintain your property without spending too much time or effort doing so. It also means that you are able to better maintain the value of your goods. As such, buying a good pressure washer can be an investment that pays for itself rather quickly.

With that said, not all pressure washers are created equal. Here, we have highlighted five of the best available. Depending on what you need it for, we are confident you’ll find the best petrol pressure washer for you within this list.

Product Comparison Table

Best Petrol Pressure Washers in the UK Reviews

#1. Wilks TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer

Wilks TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer

Wilks is known for producing reliable, high-performing pressure washers. The TX750i option continues with that trend.

The TX750i offers a high pressure output with a high level of maneuverability so you can easily transport it wherever needed. That maneuverability has a lot to do with the durable handle and rough terrain wheels. The frame on this washer is durable and tough, constructed from steel.

You get 3950 PSI from this product, which operates using a 4-stroke OHV 210cc engine. Its oil type is 10W-40 and it takes Unleaded 95+ fuel. All of the accessories you could need for easy operation come with the pressure washer. This includes a curved gutter lance, turbo nozzle, straight lance, nozzles, and drain cleaner. The hose included is 20 meters in length with an additional 10-meter hose included. You should have no issues with reach.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable construction
  • Powerful


  • Pretty noisy
  • Confusing instructions
  • Nozzles fall out of the holders

#2. Parker 3100 PSI

Parker 3100 PSI

The engine on this pressure washer is a powerful 6.5Hp, air cooled four stroke. It takes 10/30 oil and you’ll get 3100 PSI out of it, making this a great option for cleaning your driveway, vehicle, patio, or machinery easily and quickly. It is powerful enough to use on just about anything.

It operates using an open frame work so you get an airflow that’s smooth. You also will likely enjoy the maneuverability of this washer. It offers a soft-grip handle and very sturdy back wheels. Bring it just about anywhere with ease.

The frame layout is brand new on this design so you should experience great portability and movement. There were also tweaks made to the vibration system so that you don’t get quite as much vibration while using the washer. Partner that with the soft handle and you should be pretty comfortable operating this product.

There are five spray settings and you can easily switch between each of them to complete any number of tasks. This pressure washer is highly recommended given its power and versatility. In addition, you can assemble this on your own in next to no time at all.

The only real negative with this product is that the hose melts very easily. This means that while you’re using it you need to pay extra attention to the position of the hose and make sure it is not near the engine.


  • Multiple settings
  • Low vibration
  • Very easy assembly


  • Hose can melt sometimes

#3. Wilks TX625 Petrol Pressure Washer

Wilks TX625 Petrol Pressure Washer

Once again Wilks delivers a powerful product. The TX625 gives you 3950PSI and a 7HP 4-stroke engine. This washer uses unleaded 95+ fuel and 10W-40 oil.

Similar to other Wilks products, every accessory you could need comes with this pressure washer. You’ll receive a turbo nozzle, curved gutter lance, straight lance, nozzles and drain cleaner. You even get a detergent pipe. You don’t need to purchase any additional items to get the most power you can out of this machine.

There are a 5 ‘click and go’ nozzles included, all of which have their own distinct function. You can use them for stripping, blasting, cleaning, detergent application, and washing. You also get an 8-meter hose along with another 12-meter hose so you are never out of reach. Basically, you can use this pressure wash to clean just about anything with ease.


  • Multiple accessories included
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Lightweight


  • Unclear instructions

#4. Briggs & Stratton Elite 3200Q

Briggs & Stratton Elite 3200Q

The Briggs & Stratton Elite 3200Q operates on an 875Exi series engine. It has a water pressure maximum of 220 par. The flow rate is 612 litres an hour.

One of the biggest advantages to using this pressure washer is that you never need to change the oil. Instead, you just add as you go. Check your levels, add when needed and never have to perform an oil change. The engine maintenance is as easy as that.

That isn’t all for convenience features. The engine will idle down on its own when the spray gun trigger is released. This makes for a much quieter operation. In addition, you get a ready start with this washer, so you don’t have to choke the engine before starting.

This washer comes with 4 tips that all quickly and easily connect. There are three high pressure patterns and one for using cleaning detergents. The drawback with this washer is that the hose seems to easily melt so you need to be aware of its placement at all times.


  • Powerful
  • No need to do oil changes


  • Hose is easily melted

#5. SwitZer 3000 PSI

SwitZer 3000 PSI

This pressure washers operates using a performance-approved OHV engine. It has a low pressure detergent injector and low oil protection. 

Along with this washer, you also receive a 10m high-pressure hose as well as four quick connect nozzles. Horse power on this pressure washer is 6.5 and the RPM’s are 3400. 

There are a couple of drawbacks to this machine. First, it is pretty noisy so you’ll likely want to invest in some ear protection. Second, the handbook isn’t very explicit so you might have some trouble getting through the instructions. Lastly, the hose isn’t quite as durable as the rest of the machine so you may end up choosing to invest in a different hose.


  • Reliable, consistent pressure
  • Good value
  • Comfortable to use


  • Noisy
  • Instructions are unclear

Petrol Pressure Washers Buying Considerations

There are a few things to think about when you are narrowing down your options on the best petrol pressure washer. You want to make sure you choose the machine that is going to get you the results you want in the amount of time you want to spend.

How it Works

You should know precisely how a pressure washer works before narrowing down your purchase options. The functionality of a pressure washer is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Basically, an engine or motor pushing water through a top. That water accelerates as it moves through a small hole and given how quickly it is moving, it is effective at blasting away grime and dirt.

The more water that gets pushed through the tip, the more pressure develops and the more power you get.

Pounds per square inch (PSI)

You will have noticed that we mentioned PSI in every review. That is because this is a big consideration when narrowing down your options. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It is the pressure that is generated by the washer in pounds per square inch. That pressure is what contributes to the cleaning function of the washer. Without great pressure you aren’t likely to get a great clean.

Horse Power (HP)

Horse power is a pretty standard measure of power. It is basically the amount of power produced by the engine or motor. This is important when choosing the best petrol pressure washer because it directly related to the amount of volume and pressure that the pump can produce. The more you can produce, the better your cleaning capacity and power.

You will see on our list that there is no horsepower assigned to the Briggs & Stratton Elite 3200Q Pressure Washer. This is because the manufacturer no longer measures horse power in their pressure washers. They use a different matrix for measuring power.

Final Word

Investing in a good, solid pressure washer can mean that you maintain the value of your items better. You are able to keep them clean and effectively make sure they do not build up unsightly dirt and grime.

Here, we have highlighted the top five best petrol pressure washers on the market today. Any one of them would be a good option. Following the information in the buyer’s guide and considering each of the features of these washers, you should be able to find the best petrol pressure washer for your individual needs.