Best Lawn Spreader UK (Reviews) in 2021

Best Lawn Spreader

If you have a garden or lawn that you’ve invested your time and money into, you want to keep it looking its best. That often means investing in a good lawn spreader. Unfortunately, choosing the best lawn spreader isn’t an easy endeavor.

There are several different brand names out there and they all seem to have similar prices but offer varied levels of quality. So, how can you possibly know which is the best choice for you? That is where we can help.

Here, we have highlighted five of the best options you can find. Any one of these spreaders would help you keep your lawn and garden looking its best with minimal effort on your part. Let the spreader do the hard work for you.

Product Comparison Table

Best Lawn Spreaders in the UK Reviews

#1. Evergreen Easy Spreader Plus

Evergreen Easy Spreader Plus

This drop spreader is very easy to use and assemble.  You can get going in just a handful of steps. You simply assemble, choose your spreader setting, lock into position, fill the hopper and walk.

This spreader offers multiple spreading settings. It also has an off/on switch for easy turn around. The spreading width is 53cm so you should be able to move through your lawn rather quickly, given its wide application width.

You can apply a variety of lawn products along with standard grass seed using this spreadier. You’ll also enjoy quick and easy cleanup and maintenance. After use, simply tip any remaining product back into its original packaging and seal it up. Then wash the spreader and get rid of any product still remaining. Let it dry and store it.

One issue experienced with this spreader is that the wheels tend to get stuck so you need to do a very good job cleaning it out before storage. Otherwise, you may get stuck taking it apart to get out any caked in fertilizer or seed.


  • Includes information on which setting to choose
  • Wide spreading width
  • Easy to assemble


  • Wheels tend to get stuck

#2. Scotts EasyGreen Rotary

Scotts EasyGreen Rotary

This rotary spreader offers multiple settings and a very wide spreading width of 122-340cm. It has large, durable tires so that you can handle most terrain pretty easily and you can make quicker work of large lawns.

This spreader offers the widest spread from a domestic lawn applicator that also has variable settings. If you have a big space to treat, this may be the best lawn spreader for you.

It is rather comfortable to use given its adjustable handle bar. You can use this spreader with Miracle-Gro, Lawn Builder and Evergreen lawn care and grass seed products only. This could be viewed as a drawback if your preference is a different line of products.

That handle is also adjustable so that you get the right angle and it can be easily folded down for easy storage. You can put this spreader together rather easily and there are no tools needed to assemble it.

Aside from the constraints of which products to use, the only other real drawback with this spreader is that it is a square design, as opposed to a funnel. When you run low on product, you have to shuffle the unit from side to side to get the remaining product into the hole.


  • Does not get jammed- good distribution
  • Manual explains the variable settings
  • Easy to assemble


  • Only compatible with certain products
  • Square design, as opposed to a funnel

#3. Scotts EvenGreen Drop

Scotts EvenGreen Drop

This spreader offers variable settings along with an on/off switch that you can control with your hand. The spreading width with this product is  a respectable 45cm.

This is a pretty comfortable to use spreader given the adjustable handle bar. That bar also makes it easy to store the spreader when it’s not in use.

This is a great option if you are planning on applying a moss or weed control product, as it strives to allow an even distribution of product.

This spreader is very easily assembled, and you do not need any tools to put it together. Just about anyone can get it together in almost no time at all.


  • Easily assembled
  • Variable settings
  • On/Off switch


  • Plastic hopper is a bit flimsy
  • Axle tends to seize up

#4. Westland Lawn Fertiliser Push Along Drop

Westland Lawn Fertiliser Push Along Drop

This spreader is very wide-wheeled, which can help with the accuracy of your spreading. This is a pretty traditional spreader and offers an on/off switch. It is also very lightweight and easy to push.

The assembly of this spreader is quite easy and straightforward, and you should be able to get going in almost no time at all.

For drawbacks, this spreader is not particularly sturdy. It is wobbly if not filled with product. IN addition the lever to adjust the flow rate of your product does not seem all that accurate.


  • Easy assembly
  • On/off switch


  • Rate adjustment lever is often inaccurate
  • Not particularly sturdy

#5. Woodside 12L Seed/Fertiliser

Woodside 12L Seed/Fertiliser

This spreader offers a 10 stage spread rate that is fully adjustable. It runs very smooth and its strong and durable.

The diameter wheels are large with a 19cm diameter. You should feel pretty even and stable while walking.

You can use this spreader to law fertilizer, seed, salt, or sand. This spreader does come with an assembly guide but does not include a guide on how to use the product. This is a bit of a drawback if you aren’t able to figure it out independently. This can be challenging given that coverage depends on the various settings available.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction


  • No use guide included
  • Difficult assembly

Spreaders for Lawns Buying Considerations

There are plenty of things to consider when looking to find the best lawn spreader for your needs.

The design of lawn spreaders is pretty straightforward and simply. However, you want to find the tool that fits your lawn the best. It doesn’t matter what project you might have or be working on; some considerations are just universal.

Before narrowing down your options, think about the size of the area you are looking to seed, the terrain and shape of that area, how much precision you’ll need, and how many obstacles will be in your way. Those obstacles could be anything from garden beds or gardens to large trees.

Types of Spreaders

Spreaders range pretty drastically in size. There are very small spreaders that you can hold in your hand and then there are very large spreaders that resemble the size of a lawn-tractor. Regardless of size, there are basically two different types. The first type is broadcast, which could also be referred to as a rotary spreader. The second type is a drop spreader.

Both types use a hopper with adjustable holes to control the volume of the seed that is allowed through. With that said the two kinds of spreaders differ in the distribution of that seed along with the type of lawn that suits them best.

Broadcast/Rotary Spreaders

There are a few key points to remember with broad cast spreaders. They are best suited for larger lawns and they help you to cover a large area pretty effectively and efficiently. They usually require that you be a bit more skilled in order to get a coverage that is uniform.

You will not get a lot of precision from these spreaders. So, they are not ideal for maneuvering around obstacles.  They allow you to cover more ground in a smaller amount of time, but they can scatter seeds or other products where you may not want them, given that they are not particularly precise in their delivery.

Drop Spreaders

Drop spreaders offer more precision than broadcast/rotary ones. They are better for smaller lawns. Ideally, they are more useful for lawns that are smaller than 5,000 square feet. They are very easy to use and allow you to get good control over your coverage.

You can more easily maneuver around obstacles with these spreaders and they keep seeds where you want them, so you won’t have much extra cleanup to do. They do take a bit longer to get your coverage because they simply cover less ground.

Final Word

Choosing the best lawn spreader is not an easy decision. However, once you find the right one for you, you’ll find that taking care of your lawn and garden is a whole lot easier. Any one of these options highlighted here will make your job easier.

Keep in mind the considerations listed in the buyer’s guide and choose the best lawn spreader for your particular needs, keeping in mind the area you need to treat, the obstructions along the way, and the precision you need.