Best Knapsack Sprayer UK (Reviews) in 2021

Best Knapsack Sprayer

If you are a homeowner with a yard and garden, you likely want it to always look its best. That means having the right tools and accessories to care for it properly.

One helpful piece of equipment to have on hand is a knapsack, or backpack, sprayer. Using a knapsack sprayer can help you keep your garden and lawn in its best shape and condition. Most specifically, it can help rid you of infestations from unwanted pests. Use your knapsack sprayer to apply herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides.

There are plenty of options on the market. With that said, how do you know which is the best knapsack sprayer for your needs? Here, we’ve highlighted and compared the top five options available. We are confident you will find the best backpack sprayer for your individual needs.

Product Comparison Table

Best Knapsack Sprayers in the UK Reviews

#1. Oregon 518769 Knapsack Sprayer

Oregon 518769 Knapsack Sprayer

This knapsack sprayer offers a working capacity of 16 litres and a pressurized chamber capacity of 0.9 litres. Given the large capacity, you’ll find that you have to fill this sprayer far less often than those with a smaller capacity.

It includes a lance as well as 2 adjustable spray nozzles. It is a non-pressurized type of tank and comes with a spare seal kit as well as a shoulder strap for added comfort.

This sprayer can be a bit heavy when it is full, which is pretty unavoidable with such a large capacity. When it is full, you can expect it to weight 20kgs or more.


  • Large capacity
  • Robust spray
  • Easy operation


  • Tends to leak
  • Straps could be more durable

#2. Spear & Jackson Pump Action Pressure

Spear & Jackson Pump Action Pressure

Spear & Jackson offers a range of pressure sprayers. This is the 5 litre option but the others include a 5 litre twin pack, 2 litre, 15 litre and 8 litre. Spear & Jackson is known for producing quality, durable products for homeowners and professionals alike.

This sprayer is pretty versatile and can be used for eliminating weeds, feeding plants, watering plants, applying treatment to fences, and cleaning patios.

It does come with adjustable nozzles for products with PH values ranging from 5 to 9. One drawback with this product is that the wand does tend to snap. This is surprising from this manufacturer, given its usually durability in its products.


  • Smooth pumping action
  • Operating instructions right on the bottle
  • Minimal assembly required


  • Sprayer wand has been known to snap

#3. Faithfull SPRAY16AV

Faithfull SPRAY16AV

This is a lightweight option for any homeowner or professional who does not want to be lugging around a lot of weight on their back. It has a trigger lock for continuous use, which makes application even easier and can save your hand from fatigue.

The adjustable spray nozzle allows you to spray from jet to fine. You can determine if you need a strong stream for activities such as spraying down a fence or a fine mist for spraying your delicate plants, vegetables, or fruits.

It has a 16 litre capacity so you shouldn’t have to make many pit stops to fill up. The construction on this piece is quite durable and strong and it is also frost resistant and shatterproof.

It can be used with just about any garden chemical. Use it on your vegetable plots, around your garden or in your greenhouse. It comes with a complete service kit and requires minimal maintenance.


  • Multiple spray heads
  • Very easy to fill


  • Straps can become unclipped
  • Pretty heavy when full/hard to put on independently

#4. Hozelock Plus

Hozelock Plus

This is another large capacity option with a maximum fill of 14 litres. It offers an ergonomic design as well as adjustable straps so you can get a secure fit. One drawback with this product is that the straps are pretty thin. Since this is a high-capacity sprayer, it can get pretty heavy to carry. You may need to wear a thicker top to accommodate the digging you might experience from the straps. 

The capacity on this knapsack sprayer will cover a large area before you need to stop to fill up again. 

It has an adjustable cone nozzle that allows you to spray anywhere from a mist to a jet spray. There is also a lockable on-off control for the flow of liquid.

This product comes with a 3-year guarantee.


  • Large capacity
  • Adjustable nozzle for variable sprays


  • Straps are pretty thin
  • Hard-to-follow instructions

#5. Oypla 16L Knapsack Sprayer

Oypla 16L

This is a large capacity knapsack sprayer that can be used for virtually any task ranging from spraying your fence to simply killing weeds in your garden. It can hold nearly all chemicals including pesticides, fertilisers, and insecticides.

The sprayer comes with 3 nozzles that are interchangeable and allow for various spray and flow patterns. The tank also has a filter on it that helps prevent any blockages in the fill hole.

Shoulder straps are included as well as a 50cm long lance so that you can reach virtually any space. There is a locking trigger for continuous spraying which will save your hand from getting fatigues.

The shoulder straps on this sprayer are pretty uncomfortable. You may need to wear additional layers on top to offset the discomfort.


  • Large capacity
  • 3 interchangeable nozzles included
  • Filter to avoid blockages


  • Tank can sometimes leak
  • Uncomfortable straps

Knapsack Sprayers Buying Considerations

There are plenty of things to keep in mind before deciding on the best knapsack sprayer for you. To start, be sure you understand the space you’ll be treating so that you can better choose which is the best knapsack sprayer for you.


There are a few different types of knapsack sprayers available, some more popular than others. The type you choose will depend on the area you are trying to service along with the features you want to ensure comfortability while using the sprayer.

Hand Pumped/Manual

This are often the most popular version of knapsack sprayer. You need a hand pump with these and as you pump, the liquid in your sprayer moves into the wand to be sprayed.

These are popular, in large part, because they are relatively inexpensive. When compared to motorized sprayers, they are simply more affordable. However, these can absolutely cause hand fatigue, especially if you are hoping to cover a large area or plan on using it for a long period of time.

Manual knapsack sprayers are ideal for smaller spaces. One final consideration when purchasing a hand pump or manual sprayer is that many will include a locking mechanism. That mechanism allows for a continuous spray of liquid, effectively saving your hand from fatigue.


These sprayers are intended for use in larger areas. They allow you to work quickly, which means you can more easily cover bigger spaces. You won’t have any fatigue or pressure in your hands when using this type of knapsack sprayer.

The downsides to these sprayers is that they are heavier than their manual alternatives. They also cost a lot more and require more maintenance.

Powered sprayers can accommodate and hold more liquid than the manual alternative and typically comes with or uses more attachments.

Types of Nozzles

The nozzle is one of the most important features on your knapsack sprayer. They are integral to the overall performance of the tool, despite the fact that they are pretty inexpensive. Many knapsack sprayers will come with various nozzles while some will come with just one.

Nozzles are what meter the amount of herbicide or pesticide that you are using, and they regulate the rate of application as well. They also control the spray’s variability and the droplet size.


There are two different types of cone sprays. They are full cone and hallow cone. The full cone uses a circular pattern for spraying while the hallow cone makes a ring-shape.

Full cones offer coarse drops of liquid in larger amounts when compared to the hallow cone.

Flat Fan

This nozzle makes an inverted, narrow letter V. It typically produces an even, uniform distribution of liquid by creating a flat spray. The drop size is large and has a medium velocity. The impact with this spray is high when compared to other patterns.


This nozzle is most often used for the application of fertilizer. This particular nozzle pattern means that you are less likely to get leaf burn, allowing the soil to more fully absorb the liquid being applied.

Final Word

You can really ease the amount of work you have to do in your garden and lawn by investing in a good backpack sprayer. Hopefully, this guide and product comparison has highlighted the best knapsack sprayer for your particular needs.

Assess your specific needs and then match them to one of the sprayers mentioned here.