Best Fox Repellent and Deterrent UK (Reviews) in 2021

Best Fox Repellent and Deterrent

Foxes are perhaps the most cunning of all the animals that are going to cause damage to your property. If you are a homeowner, the firth thought that comes to mind is likely that of a fox coming for your chickens. This is particularly true if you are a farmer. Once that fox finds its way to your chickens, you will be hard pressed to find a way to protect your poultry.

However, with that said, it isn’t impossible. You can take a strategic approach to repelling foxes. Bear in mind that foxes are very adaptable animals. It is possible, however, to deter foxes from ever making their way on to your property.

Here, we are going to highlight the top 5 options when it comes to repelling foxes. Within our list, which includes pros and cons of each product, you will likely find the best fox repellent or deterrent for your individual needs.

Product Comparison Table


Deterrent / Repellent

Power Supply



(4) AA

369 square feet

OCOOPA Ultrasonic

1500 mAh Lithium

150 square meters


(3) AA Batteries, USB

85 meters

Zonpor Ultrasonic

(3) AA rechargeable batteries, 200 mA adapter

8-10 meters

Scoot 50g


34 sqm

Best Fox Repellenst and Deterrents in the UK Reviews

#1. PestBye Battery Operated Repellent

PestBye Battery Operated Repellent

This repellent is a humane option and might be a good fit if you are looking for a way to safely capture unwanted pests. While it works on foxes, it is also to repels unwanted squirrels, dogs, rodents and cats.

It works by sending out a loud noise, heard at a frequency that is only audible to the specific animals being repelled, and not to animals. The sound itself is scary and annoying for those animals, thus deterring them from getting any closer. It uses a motion sensor to pick up on a warm body that is getting closer to the controlled area. The total coverage area is a 110-degree arc with a distance of up to 32 feet.  The total coverage area is roughly 369 square feet.

This repellent offers very easy set-up and can be fitted directly to a fence or wall. You don’t have to worry about the elements outside, as it is fully weatherproof.  You simply push the repellent into the ground using the stake that comes with it. Other options include screwing into a fence or wall. The screws you will need are also included.

This repellent is battery operated so you will need to purchase 4 AA batteries to run this repellent, but the battery life is pretty impressive. You can get anywhere from about 6 weeks to many months out of the batteries, depending on the activations. Downsides include the lack of a simple on/off switch and instructions that can be challenging to follow. Overall, this is a great, effective deterrent.


  • Multiple frequency levels dependent on pest
  • Very effective
  • Easy set-up


  • Insufficient instructions
  • No on/off switch
  • Waterproofing can be inadequate

#2. OCOOPA Ultrasonic

OCOOPA Ultrasonic

This repellent is effective at deterring a variety of unwanted pests and animals. It does so by using an infrared sensor which detects motion and then triggers an ultrasonic speaker to emit a mix of sonic, ultrasonic, and flashing LED lights in order to scare away any unwanted pests. There are no poisons or chemicals used in deterring the animals.

It can detect animals from 9 meters out, depending on the size of the animal. The coverage area is about 150 square meters. The power supply used is a built-in 1500mAh lithium battery. That battery can be charged using either solar energy or through USB..

There is a total of 5 modes available, each of which are set to a frequency setting that deters specific creatures. For example, mode 1 will deter foxes along with martens, dogs, rats, rabbits, and mice. Mode 2 will deter raccoons, skunks, badgers, and cats.

If you select mode 5, all animals and birds for which this device works will be deterred. This product can very easily be installed, with two different installation methods available. Its design is waterproof so it can stay outdoors and will continue to work even on rainy days. The only real drawback to this product is that the sounds it emits can be heard by humans. This can be a nuisance for you but it can also cause a disturbance for any close neighbors.


  • 5 different modes available
  • Very easy installation


  • Humans can hear some of the sounds

#3. Volador Solar/USB Powered

Volador Solar/USB Powered

This product uses ultrasonic sound and motions sensors to deter animals from entering your yard or space. It is eco-friendly with no traps used.

There is a total of 5 modes available, each of which focuses on deterring a different set of animals. Some of the animals included are foxes, raccoons, birds, rats, cats, dogs and skunks.

This deterrent is powered by 3 AA batteries and is compatible with USB. The detection range is 8 meters, or about 30 feet, depending on the size of the animal. The infrared sensor angle is 110 degrees, with a coverage area of approximately 85m.

The single drawback to this product is that it can be heard by humans. While this can be annoying for you, it can also cause your neighbors to become irritated as well.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to replace the batteries, when needed


  • Audible for humans

#4. Zonpor Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

Zonpor Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

This repellent uses adjustable frequency and sensitivity which helps control the range of protection. The power supply is solar power, 3 AA rechargeable batteries or 9V  and 200mA adapter. 

This repellent is waterproof so you can leave it outside and it will still be functional on rainy days. The setup is quite straightforward. Simply place the repeller in the direction of the area you want protected and ensure it will get plenty of sunlight.

The infrared motion sensor angle is 110 degrees and the detection range is up to 8 or 9 meters away, depending on the animal’s size. The coverage area is 8-10 meters. There are five modes available, each of which work to repel a different group of animals and there is also a zero mode to shut the repeller off.

Similar to others we reviewed here, this product can be heard by humans which is its only major drawback.


  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Multiple modes available, including off


  • Humans can hear some of the sounds

#5. Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachets

Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachets

One box containing 2 50g packages of this repellent can treat an area up to 34 sqm. This product offers a humane way of encouraging foxes to steer clear of areas where you do not want them.

It protects against scent marking, urinating, fouling and digging by creating a fake scent mark with the fox’s territory. That scent mark deters the fox from returning to that area.

The product can be used on and around vegetable and fruit gardens and crops, shrubs, trees, lawns and any borders. The single biggest drawback to this product is that it can get washed away in the rain. This can be really cumbersome if you live in an area with plenty of rain. You’ll ultimately be spreading the repellent all the time.


  • Specific to foxes
  • Humane, causing no harm to the environment or animals
  • Easily applied using a sprayer or watering can.


  • Gets washed away by rain

Deterrents and Repellents for Foxes Buying Considerations

There are plenty of things to keep in mind when you are looking for the best fox repellent for your money. Though do remember, there are other ways to keep foxes out of your garden and other areas.

Fox Characteristics

One thing to remember is that foxes are particularly adaptable, perhaps more so than almost any other animal that could make its way into your yard. They will undoubtedly become accustomed to the deterrents you choose to you in a short period of time.

The way to void this is to obviously come up with a more strategic plan. Mix up your deterrents to keep the fox(es) on its toes. Basically, you want to rotate through your scar tactics so that the fox never has enough time to get used to whatever you choose to use.

Appeal to Different Senses

Some fox deterrents will only appeal to hearing while others only appeal to visual perception. Some, however, appeal to both. These are often considered the best fox repellents because they affect multiple senses of the fox. It confuses the animal more and forces it to be more cautious, which ultimately may mean avoiding your yard altogether.

Human Deterrents

There are, of course, plenty of rather inhumane options available. The decision on which is the best fox repellent for you is a personal decision, but you may want to bear in mind that there are plenty of humane options available, such as the five we’ve highlighted here. None of these will cause direct harm to the animal. They all simply act as a way to prevent your yard from being attractive to the animal.

Coverage and Detection Area

You want to keep in mind the area that you are trying to protect. You will want to consider the coverage area of the repellent you choose to ensure that it will cover your full yard. If you have a very large yard, you may very well need multiple repellents. Whether you need one or multiple, you want to ensure the repellent you choose can both detect foxes from far enough away and deter them effectively.

Final Word

No one wants unwelcome guests in their yard, particularly foxes. They can wreak havoc, especially if you have chickens in your area. With that said, there are plenty of options to determine them from returning.

Here, we have highlighted five options, each of which could easily be considered the best fox repellent you can find. Any one of these options would help you keep unwanted foxes from entering your yard. Many of them would also help prevent other unwanted critters from making their way into your space as well.