About Us

Simply put, the Sunshine Gardens website is run by a small team of like-minded gardening buffs. We love spending time in the great outdoors, working on not only our own gardens but other peoples gardens aswell. We have not only developed a deep passion for gardening, but we have also accumulated a wealth of knowledge between us thanks to our hands-on experience, aswell as all the other experienced and seasoned gardeners who have helped us along the way. The Sunshine Gardens website was designed with every level of gardener in mind as we truly believe that gardening is something that anyone can take up, regardless of whether you actually have your own land to work on or not. This website aims to cover the A-Z of gardening and is broken into two types of content; informational – this is Blog-type content which includes tips, advice, and how to’s. Review – as the name suggests, this covers reviews aswell as buying guides to the best gardening products available on the UK market currently. We have a few writers who produce this content for us on a consistent basis, but please note we don’t have a large media brand behind us and are NOT sponsored by any of the manufacturers you see featured on the site.  It also must be noted, that we also don’t accept products offered to us by manufacturers in exchange for a review as we feel that our readers may think the reviews could be biased. If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the website, please head over to our Contact Us page to get in touch.